About Kenzie
Kenzie is an 12 year old professional actress and model  from the Dallas/Fort Worth area. She resides with her mom & dad as well as her 3 weenie dogs. Kenzie is very outgoing and has such a big heart to go along with that huge personality. She is a huge fan of the 1980's and loves vintage toys and movies. In addition to being a model & actress she attends acting class, piano,ballet,tap, and hip hop dance weekly. Kenzie loves swimming, sketching, fashion and singing.  She has been entertaining since the tender age of 3 yrs old.

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To Book Kenzie call....

                     The Horne Agency
                    4420 West Lovers Lane
                         Dallas, Tx 75209
                           *TEXAS AGENT*


        Millennium Artists
             Beverly Hills, Ca.    

 Landrum Arts
                712 Milam St Suite 103
                 Shrevport, La. 71101
                  *LOUISIANA AGENT*



                     Mavrick Artists Agency
                  8383 Wiltshire Blvd  330
                   Beverly Hills, Ca. 90211
                     *CALIFORNIA AGENT*

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